Vector Art Service – An Impeccable Tool To Impress Your Customers

This is an era of intense competition; and a brilliantly designed company logo is one of the most effective tools you have to impress your customers and set your company apart from the competition. Digitization has taken over print and prose at an unprecedented pace, and to survive, your business has no option but to turn to the highest quality digitization of designs. This is where vector art comes in.

Vector Art – An Overview

Vector graphics is a technique that uses geometrical primitives such as lines, curves, points, polygons and the like to represent images in the form of computer graphics. Sounds confusing? Well, let’s talk about it in detail.

More often than not, when you take your logo or banner design for printing, you are unsure about the type of art that best suits your business requirement. And this confusion occurs the most when it comes to vector graphics files. Most graphic designers, particularly those who are not professional, do not know the ABCs of vector art.

Highest level of precision is required to convert your design from image to vector. There are software applications and programs that use geometric primitives and mathematical equations to create clean, camera ready art. And the best part about this art is that it can be infinitely scaled, without losing on aspects like quality and fidelity.

Screen Printing Digitizing services

Screen Printing

If you see the two images above, the difference is quite obvious. The edges of art in the Raster file above become distorted upon enlarging the picture. Moreover, there are numerous shades of green. Whereas, in the vector art format, there’s a single shade of green and the picture quality retains its sharpness.

Raster graphics can be effectively used for certain screen printing applications. However, for most cases, particularly corporate logos, vector art becomes inevitable to achieve that perfect finish for that perfect impression.

How do you identify whether your art file is a vector type? The best way to do that is by consulting a professional graphic designer, who is familiar with vector graphics.

Attracting your consumers and customer-base by offering them excellent visual treats isn’t a bad idea. After all, a clear and attractive picture is worth more than a 1000 words!

At, our team of professional experts is highly experienced in creating impeccable logos with the aid of our vector art service. We successfully digitize over 60 designs cost-effectively on a daily basis, work throughout the week and our clients love us for the awesome work that we do.

So, gear up to make that stunning first impression on your customers with vector graphics; nothing works better!

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