Why Offering Your Employees Logo Embroidered Work Wear is a Great Idea

More and more businesses today are exploring the benefits of offering custom embroidered work wear uniforms for their employees. You must have often come across employees, typically at a restaurant or at grocery store or practically anywhere else flaunting uniform T-shirts with company logo neatly embroidered on the left pocket.

The benefits of such a move are immense.

Why Logo Embroidered Work Wear is a Great Idea

1. Builds Team Loyalty

This uniform appearance not only encourages company unity but also ensures that employee feels a part of the team.

Embroidery Digitizing Logo

Uniform Appearance Logo Embroidery Digitizing

2. Creates a Professional Look

When all employees are dressed uniformly, it creates a professional that customers appreciate. However, employees may balk at having to wear uniforms or similar clothing. To make it easier for employees, special employee grades can be denoted with unique, coloured work wear. Employees and even customers can easily identify different staff members. For instance managers at restaurants may wear a different colour as compared to the servers.

3. An Affordable Option

You can order stock clothing in several sizes, and colours in bulk from a wholesaler and get them embroidered with the company logo and brand. Employees may be issued with two to three different pairs of work wear. This makes the entire process simple, quick, and affordable for the company. Most embroidery companies may also provide stock clothing that you can personalize with your company logo.

4. Embroidery is more Stable than Prints

Embroidery is a much better option than printing your logo on clothing. Printing consists of transferring a plastic image on to clothing through heat. These images are washed off or rubbed off during laundry and it defeats the entire purpose of uniform work wear. Embroidered work wear is great as the stitched-on logo is stable in heat and cold. The embroidered logo also remains stable with intense wear and tear.

Embroidering Logos on Work Wear for Your Employees

Using logo embroidered work wear can be quite useful for your company. However, to ensure that the embroidery appears standardized and reflects your logo perfectly it is a good idea to hire a professional embroidery digitizing firm like www.powerstitch.com to do the job. Our team of skilled embroidery digitizers will digitize your designs so that your logo appears the way it should on the garment.

With competitive pricing, and a superior work flow system, we can produce an almost unlimited amount of logo-covered clothing for any company within 24-hours. So why wait, get in touch with us right away for a quick quote.

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