Partner With Your Embroidery Digitizer to Nail That Family Reunion

Whether it’s a holiday season get-together or mid-summer family reunion, everybody looks forward to taking back something special. And, that something special has to be more than just memories and selfies. Typically, most people just get to take home color coordinated t-shirts or Frisbees or goodie bags full of sweets. However, if you want to spice things up at your annual do and create something that lasts, we suggest taking the help of a professional digitizer.

Family reunions are a wonderful time for everyone to come together and catch up on lost time. However, if you throw in a keepsake that’s fun and personal to commemorate the event, each member will walk away with a lasting memory. And, here’s where embroidery comes in. Unlike printed material, embroidery has a longer lifespan, a quality that can really turn around the way folks treat your souvenir after they’ve left.

Powerstitch Embroidery Digitizing towels

Here’s a look at some fun items that you can personalize with the help of an embroidery digitizing professional:

Baseball Caps – If you’re looking for functionality during and after the reunion, you simply can’t go wrong with baseball caps. They’re not only a hit with the kids, but also with adults. You can buy them in bulk and discuss what you want to sew on with your embroidery digitizer. You could have your family’s last name on the front as “Team Simpson” and date of the reunion on the back, or have your last name as well as date on the back and have the reunion tagline on the front.

Lanyards – Unusual, but fun, lanyards are a great way to commemorate the event and have your folks use them later as well. Kids can use them to wear their IDs, whereas adults can use them to hang their keys, badges or even whistle. One of the most cost-effective giveaways on our list, you could buy these in bulk and have them embroidered for a keepsake that lasts really long.

Beach Towels – If your get-together has a beachy vibe or a pool-side party scheduled in, personalized beach towels are an amazing way to take home sweet memories. The best part about this giveaway is that you can find these at your local thrift store in bulk and have a whole variety of colors at your disposal. These are also perfect for embroidery as they are made of 100% cotton. Simply consult your embroidery digitizer on what information will look best where, and you’ll have a very useful parting gift.

Tote Bags – These rank highest on our list for fun, versatility and function. Personalized tote bags won’t just look great holding all those goodies that you’re sending off your family with, but also look awesome when used as a shopping bag. Yes, now your kiddos will remember you every time they go to the mall or local store. Also, they have a lot of surface area to hold embroidery, which makes the sky the limit for your creativity.

At, we believe in educating our customers about how an embroidery digitizer can help lend their personal do or professional campaign with that “wow” factor. With over 8 years of professional expertise, we are known for impeccably digitized artwork delivered at the most competitive rates, on time, each time.

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