Embroidery Digitizing – The Art of Making Your Designs and Your Business Come Alive

The term embroidery evokes memories of beautiful images on clothing, curtains, cushion covers and much more. Some of us may even remember a favorite handkerchief, painstakingly embroidered with our initials, or a favorite picture. Yes, embroidery is the art of beautifying fabric, and indeed, is a legacy that has come down through the centuries.

However, it is a fact that hand embroidery cannot survive today’s fast pace. Designers, small businesses, and corporate houses, looking for embroidered solutions for their business needs are increasingly turning to embroidery digitizers to get their work done.

digitizing an embroidery design

embroidery digitizers

Digitizing has revolutionalized embroidery in many ways. Quick turn around times, flawless designs, affordable pricing, and the ability to effortlessly create intricate designs are only some of the benefits that digitization has brought to this art.

The Machine Takes Over

Converting your custom art work into a stitch file that can be read by an embroidery machine forms the core of digitizing. But, it is not so simple. A logo or design created for the print media may not always be suitable for conversion into a digitized embroidery stitch file. Size of the design, fabric or material on which the final design will be embroidered, the design itself- how complex or intricate it is – these are all factors that need to be considered while digitizing an embroidery design.

A professional digitizer will consider all these factors, and then edit the artwork file using a graphics program to make it suitable for conversion into a digital embroidery design. Next, the file is opened in an embroidery program and stitches are assigned to the design. Different stitches need to be assigned to different areas of the design to make sure that the final product looks exactly as you want it to.

Helping Your Business Make a ‘Mark’

Differentiate your business from the competition with a unique ‘mark’, courtesy digitized embroidery. This is an easy and effective option for you to embroider your logo and/or business name or any other unique message on practically anything, to give away to your customers, and thus make an impact. Grocery bags, lunch tote bags, jackets, and caps are just of some of the ideas several businesses have successfully explored. You should too.

A word of caution, though! This is a highly specialized profession and choosing the right agency to work with, is crucial. At Powerstitch.com, our professional digitizers perfectly digitize over 60 designs daily and we offer the highest quality work at the most competitive prices. Allow us to digitize your designs.

Stand back and watch, as your designs and your business come alive.

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